Monolog Cabin operates out of Tucson, AZ. We write, workshop and perform our own comedic short stories and essays. If you are interested in submitting and are available for workshopping, take a look at our Submission Guidelines.

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Monolog Cabin is part of the Acts of Congress, a trio of "spoken word" groups performing the first Saturday of most months at Tucson's Club Congress, recently named by Esquire Magazine as one of the 10 Best Rock Clubs in the U.S.

Our two rockin' partners in Acts of Congress are Odyssey Storytelling and the Comedy Fiasco.


Crossing the Line:

The "Border Disorder" Comedy Show


Monolog Cabin isn't back (yet) but founder Steve Barancik and emcee Robert Mac are. They're producing Crossing the Line: "The Border Disorder" Comedy Show Sunday May 30, 9 p.m., at Laffs Comedy Caffe in Tucson.


(You can stay up late. It's the night before Memorial Day.)


Joining Robert and Steve in sending up Arizona's SB1070, Arizona's "Papers, Please" immigration law will be headliner Joey Medina, along with Christina Lopez, Tim Bateman and host "Polo the Cholo."


Get details and purchase tickets at the Border Disorder Facebook page.

Can You Feel the Testosterone?

The Cabin presents:

MANolog Nite


Saturday November 10th, 7pm, Club Congress at the Hotel Congress.
Tickets $7. Doors open at 6:30


Yep, it's a night featuring first person comedy from America's most underpersecuted minority.


Join host Robert Mac and Cabin regulars


Steve Barancik

Sean Murphy

Mike Sterner

Paul Fisher


as well as newcomer


Fish Karma


and a mysterious


Special Guest


Featured monologues will include:


Another Inconvenient Truth

You People Must Really Be Proud of Barbra Streisand

The Curious Case of Dumbo: The Demented Ventriloquist's Dummy Who Killed Bob Crane


Club Congress is located at 311 E. Congress, 622-8848. For more info, or to be added to our email list:

Past Shows:


Saturday May 12th, 2007, 7pm

(Doors open at 6:30)


Come to our first...

"Interview Revue"

What is an Interview Revue you ask?

Our hilarious emcee, Robert Mac, will follow each monologue with a short, revealing interview of the monologist. That means you may finally hear the answer to the etermal Monolog Cabin question:

"Did that really happen to you???"

The Interview Revue will feature all new material:

The show will be directed by Faitha Lowe-Bailey.

Tickets are $7 at the door, or can be ordered in advance (for a $1 surcharge). The show is at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress, 622-8848.

For more info, or to be added to the email list:


It's almost here!


Our next revue is Saturday January 27th at Tucson's Club Congress, 7pm.


Ticket price: $7.


This is a one night only show featuring all new material.


Featured performers:


Steve Barancik

Margo Taylor

Sara Regezi

Mike Sterner

Bill Bernat

Steve Romaniello


Our emcee will be the one and only:


Robert Mac



To be kept informed, please subscribe to our mailing list.



Déjà Vu, También

Yes, it's Deja Vu all over again as Monolog Cabin, emcee Robert Mac and special musical guest Al Perry present the best of the best: five monologues by many of the writers/performers who have come to define Monolog Cabin (see article), as well as a special guest monologue by Beth Lapides of Los Angeles's Un-Cabaret.

But it's election season and we need your help: Please vote for the monologues you'd most like to see performed in our 7 p.m. Saturday November 11th show at Club Congress.

(And voting saves you a dollar at the door! Just add your email address below to our mailing list. You'll save a buck off the $7 admission and be kept informed of future Monolog Cabin shows.)

Read the descriptions, then vote below for the monologues you want to hear!

Monologues by Charlotte Lowe/Bailey:

Leap and Fall

The truer than true story of a high school failure scaling the heights of popularity through modern dance. Will she make it, folks? Be there when she recreates the dance that changed her life forever.

True Grit

The story of a woman who against all odds marries, well, a madman. And yes!--he's a Roman Catholic priest. Nothing deters her from her mission to ignore reason!

Wear Earplugs At The Deathbed or The Downside Of Promises To The Dying

Who was I to deny the wishes of my mother to be laid to rest with her long-lost mother? The problem is her mother really is lost. Hear the wacky adventures of a good daughter who should have had her head examined.

Monologues by Faitha Lowe-Bailey:

Baby With The Holy Card

What happens to the unwilling bystanders in substandard marriages? Vote for this monologue to find out!

Don't Stand So Close To Me

Girl meets Teacher.

Crown Heights

In which our heroine moves to New York and meets a dog.

Monologues by Steve Barancik:

Breakfast Food For Thought

Being the story in which the iconic naval legend, Cap'n Crunch, rescues our hero from a lifetime of telemarketing and dating retards.

Teaching The Young

On the particular perils of the comically inclined dating the humourously challenged.

Tennis Club From The Black Lagoon

It may take a village to raise a child, but God help the child who's raised by a tennis club.

Monologues by Margo Taylor: 

Switched at Birth  

True story of a woman's search for an ethnic background she could be proud of...rather than the one she was born with

Parents From Hell

A tell all tale from behind the closed doors of the teachers' lounge.

Bringing up Baby  

Our favorite teacher is back with a modest proposal...leave your sperm and eggs where they belong!   

Monologues by Sean Murphy

Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heather’s Door

In which our teen hero tromps through the neighborhood dressed as his favorite rock-star on one last Halloween mission only to find the path lined with candy, nipples, and humiliation.

Career Opportunities

In which a ten-year-old sets out to make his first million (or at least enough for a pet chimp) and instead learns that the hellish working world can sometimes have varicose veins and wine on its breath.

32 Lbs.

In which our intrepid teen explorer and his two psychotic playmates stumble over an erotic treasure box that will radically alter their lives, or at least their bathroom breaks.


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